Our Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services at Muddy Creek Animal Hospital

At Muddy Creek Animal Hospital, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What We Offer !

You can rely on Muddy Creek Animal Hospital to take excellent care of your pets. We offer integrative treatments and comprehensive medical care to address your pet’s needs at all stages. Our knowledgeable, caring staff is here to assist you in creating a custom treatment plan for your pet. We hope to see you soon!

Pet Annual Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams for pets are essential to any preventative health care program. They allow for early detection of many conditions such as heart disease, dental disease, cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, spinal issues, and many others, not to mention the best news any guardian can hear from their veterinarian—that their pet is healthy!

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Puppy and Kitten Services

Congratulations! A new puppy or kitten joining your home is a joyous occasion, and you will enjoy many happy years of wonderful companionship.

Senior Pet Wellness

Our dedicated team of veterinary experts tailors wellness plans specifically designed to address the unique needs of senior pets.

Pet vaccination services

Vaccinations are an essential part of any preventative health care program. We understand that a vaccine program should be tailored to your pet’s situation, and we adhere to the most up-to-date vaccination protocols based on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure.

Pet heartworm, flea, AND tick prevention

Feel free to stop in at any time to discuss a prevention program that we all agree may be best suited for you and your pet. Heartworm disease is a deadly but easily preventable disease. We recommend year-round preventative be given to cats and dogs.

Pet Diagnostic laboratory

We have a comprehensive, state-of-the-art in-house diagnostic laboratory that allows us to run everything from routine blood tests and fecal and urinary analysis to more extensive tests. 

Pet Pharmacy

To facilitate reliable and personalized service and comprehensive medical information tailored directly toward your pet’s well-being, consider picking up your prescription from your fully stocked pharmacy. Muddy Creek Animal Hospital maintains a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications, including flea, tick, and heartworm preventive products. Whether it’s a chronic condition, short-term illness, injury, or surgery, our trained staff is prepared to fill your pet’s prescriptions tailored to their specific needs. You can count on us to provide accurate information about your pet’s medications.

Don’t have time to pick up your pet’s prescription in person or prefer the convenience of home delivery? Check out our online pharmacy here!

Pet diet and nutrition counseling

Muddy Creek Animal Hospital carries a full line of prescription diets. Different pets require different diets for both optimal health and performance. Our staff will be happy to help determine which diet is right for your pet.

Pet pain management

We pride ourselves on an approach to pain management that enhances your pet’s well-being and takes a preventative approach toward any possible future pain. We anticipate potentially painful procedures and take steps to manage pain from the outset and throughout the pet’s treatment and recovery process. It’s important to tailor this process to each pet individually so we develop a customized plan for managing pain in our patients. From routine procedures (such as spays or dental cleanings) to more advanced medical treatments (such as bone surgeries or cancer treatments) to chronically painful conditions (such as arthritis or back pain), we are dedicated to providing safe and effective pain management to every patient.

Pet Acupuncture

Muddy Creek Animal Hospital offers our sincere congratulations to Dr. Haldeman for completing the Small Animal Acupuncture Training Program at the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Acupuncture helps treat chronic pain, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, and more.

We’re proud to offer this specialized service to your pet! For more information or to make an appointment, call us at 410-867-0770 today.

Pet laser therapy

The reviews are in, and our new K Laser Therapy Treatments are incredible! These state-of-the-art treatments assist with inflammation, pain, tissue repair, cell growth, vascular activity, increased metabolic activity, trigger points, and acupuncture points, reducing the appearance of scar tissue, improving nerve function, and enhancing wound healing.

Pet digital radiology

Digital radiology allows us to rapidly obtain high-definition x-rays that can be an important diagnostic tool for various patient conditions, including lameness, coughing, heart disease, foreign body ingestion, constipation, and many other disorders that require more than a physical examination and blood tests to achieve a diagnosis.

Pet Dentistry

We encourage all of our clients to participate in preventative oral hygiene programs such as brushing their pet’s teeth daily, dental chews, and other preventive procedures. However, there are times when a patient may require in-patient dental procedures under anesthesia to properly manage more severe cases of periodontal and gum disease, such as a fractured tooth, a tooth root abscess, or possibly an extraction.

Pet soft tissue surgery

At Muddy Creek Animal Hospital, we perform everything from spays and neuters to bladder stone removal, lump removals, and many other procedures. Every patient is closely monitored using state-of-the-art digital monitors that provide real-time EKG, oxygen levels, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature. Our patients also receive pre-anesthesia blood screening to help us make your pet’s surgical procedure as safe and successful as possible.

Pet Ultrasound

Although humans and animals are different in many ways, some advances in human medicine are also beneficial for veterinary patients. One of these advances, diagnostic ultrasound, has proven to be a powerful tool in veterinary medicine. As a practice, one of our goals is to offer state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic testing, so we are pleased to offer ultrasound services to provide a higher level of quality care to our patients.

Pet microchipping

Countless beloved pets are lost or stolen every year. As a result, we strongly encourage that all pets be identifiable via microchip and registered within a national database to increase the number of lost pets reunited with their guardian(s).