Our Veterinary Service

Pet Diet and Nutrition Counseling

A nutritious diet and keeping your pet at a healthy weight can prolong their life by improving their quality of life, reducing the risk of numerous diseases (including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis), and assisting in managing chronic medical conditions.

Pet Diet and Nutrition Counseling

At least 40% of our cats and dogs are thought to be overweight. When a pet weighs more than 10-15% more than their recommended body weight, those additional pounds may result in health issues.

Nutrition is a crucial component of your pet’s general health and well-being. Your pet’s dietary requirements change with age and amount of physical activity. Specially designed diets can help manage several illnesses, including renal disease, diabetes, and heart disease. To choose the proper food for your pet and its unique health needs, we recommend consulting with our veterinarians to determine what will benefit your pet the most.

Our pets are our family, and it is easy to overfeed begging pets-who can resist those puppy or kitten eyes? Unfortunately, pet obesity is widespread, and as animals age, being overweight can hurt their health. All pets should be able to meet their nutritional needs and be within a healthy weight range with a regular diet and exercise. Our veterinary team will work with you and your pet to determine your pet’s nutritional needs as they transition through different life stages.