Our Veterinary Service

Pet Pharmacy

Our fully stocked pharmacy is a convenient option for picking up your pet’s medication when you need it most.

Pet Pharmacy

The needs of every pet are different and individualized. Our veterinarians work with your pet’s specific needs to determine the best medication for them.

Our in-house, fully stocked pharmacy is ready and available to fulfill whatever medication needs your pet may have. Whether a chronic condition, short-term illness, or surgery, our trained staff is prepared to fill your prescription with care tailored to your pet’s specific needs. You can count on us to provide accurate information about your pet’s medications.

In addition to the in-house pharmacy Muddy Creek, Animal Hospital has an Online Pharmacy service to help you fill and refill your pet’s prescription needs. Our online pharmacy includes monthly heart-worm, flea, tick prevention, medications, and prescribed veterinary diets, all online and at your convenience. Your pet’s food and other drugs can be delivered directly to your home and automatically shipped on a schedule, making it easy for you to ensure your pet’s every need is cared for.