Our Veterinary Service

Pet Pain Management

The goal of excellent veterinary medicine is to treat the patient, considering both the physical functioning-related medical problems and the patient’s emotional and psychological well-being-related concerns. Pain can negatively impact a patient’s health and state of mind and how their body physically functions. Therefore, no matter the medical problem our veterinarians are treating, pain management is among our top priorities.

Pet Pain Management

Our method of pain control entails anticipating potentially painful procedures, taking precautions to control pain before beginning therapy, and maintaining control of pain as your pet receives treatment and recovers.

At Muddy Creek Animal Hospital, we take your pet’s pain management extremely seriously. We are constantly looking for new and improved treatments backed by veterinary science that enables us to offer treatments that are less painful for your pet.

As a result, we not only have equipment that offers improved treatment with less discomfort, but we also concentrate on additional strategies for relieving our pet patients’ pain. Animals cannot always tell us when they are in discomfort, so we take a preventative approach to pain management by anticipating painful procedures and developing a custom pain management strategy for every pet.

Modern veterinary care has made enormous achievements in creating tools and supplements that enable us to more effectively treat pet medical issues while lowering or eliminating the pain associated with the therapy, in addition to a wide variety of new pain management drugs to supplement these treatments. To make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment and care, we use a combination of medication, supplements, laser therapy, acupuncture, and other techniques and procedures.

We know your pet’s comfort is your top priority and it is ours as well. Pain management is at the center of everything we do, and a vital part of ensuring your pet’s physical and psychological wellbeing.