Our Veterinary Service

Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

You can trust that your pet receives the best anesthesia and surgical care at Muddy Creek Animal Hospital. Your pet’s comfort and safety are paramount to everything that we do.

Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer a spotless, well-maintained facility, as well as a knowledgeable staff, to give your pet the high-quality surgical treatment they need in a calm, peaceful setting.

Our practises consist of the following:

At Muddy Creek Animal Hospital, we perform everything from spays and neuters to bladder stone removal, lump removals, and many other procedures. When your pet is dropped off for a surgery procedure, they will have a thorough exam by the surgical veterinarian performing your pet’s surgery. All pets are given appropriate pre-operative pain medications and any other needed tests or diagnostics.

We provide the most current methods of pain management for our surgery patients. Providing proper pain management before pain is created (i.e., making an incision) will dramatically reduce discomfort after the surgery. We monitor every patient under anesthesia and continuously manage pain throughout and after the procedure.

Every patient is closely monitored using state-of-the-art digital monitors that provide real-time EKG, oxygen levels, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature. Our patients also receive pre-anesthesia blood screening to help us make your pet’s surgical procedure as safe and successful as possible.